• Tickets
  • Camping
  • Safety
  • Program
  • Multi-day ticket (armband) 20.- €
  • Multi-day ticket for pupils 10.- €

  • The ticket is valid for the whole competition area on all days.

  • One day ticket 15.- €

  • One day ticket for pupils 5.- €

For the children under 1.2m the event is free-of-charge.

Parking (single entry) 1.- €
Campground entry (single entry) 15.- €


If you have a friend, family member or an idol among the competitors and you wish to stay close to him or her with your tent throughout the competition, then this year it is completely allowed, you just have to get the "fan" ticket and follow the camping-rules. You can get more information about this from your competing friend or on our homepage www.klaperjaht.ee, in the section "Competitors - Fees".

Take your tents and sleeping bags and become a part of an exciting three-day-competition including all the fun of camping. We will build a campus which will accommodate you with all the amenities you may need, including water to wash your hands, bio toilets and much more..

It is forbidden to leave children under the age of 16 unattended during the competitions. Those, who will not conform to security and who distract other spectators, will be handed over to the police.

Attention to all spectators: all of the precautionary measures that are essential for your kids, will definitely work for you too. All of the pathway will be surrounded with ribbons and borders. It is strictly forbidden to stay between the boundaries and all the possible moving on the track can take place only with referees' permission. The most dangerous places will be marked with yellow tape which means that it is not allowed to be there. By following those rules we will all be able to reach home safe and sound and by that make the organization of future events possible.
Threats on the pathway:

  1. In case of curves on the faster track sections there will be a danger of the vehicles tumbling, therefore the secure distance is 10 m.
  2. In case of a fluid mud, stones or other materials on track's rises and obstacles, it is advisible to keep the secure distance – 10 m.
  3. The safest way to observe the winching car is to do this from the side, never from the back or front, and never closer than 10 m.
  4. Track sections that lie between the trees can be dangerous because of the off-road vehicles deviated from the right speed and course who often hit the trees which as a result may fall unexpectedly. Thus, it is better to stay at a distance of 10 m.

Friday 09.08
15.00 – 19.00 Qualification races for classes TR1, ET1 and ET2

Saturday 10.08

08.30 – TR1 start
11.00 – ET1 start
15.00 – ET2 start
18.00 – 20.00 Time-races races for classes ATV, UTV and Trucks

Sunday 11.08

09.00 – ATV and UTV start
10.30 – Enduro start
13.30 – Truck start
17.00– Award ceremony

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.

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