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The registration could be done via the internet.

Pre-registrational fees are following:

  • Racing classes ET-1 and ET-2 – 120 €
  • Racing class ATV, UTV – 80 € Racing class Enduro – 40 €
  • Racing class Trucks – 100 €
  • Racing class TR1 – 100 €

All competitors who participated in Klaperjaht 2018 will get an additional discount:

  • Racing classes ET-1 and ET-2 – 70 €
  • Racing class ATV – 40 €
  • Racing class Enduro – 25 €
  • Racing class Trucks and TR-1 – 60 €

These terms are set on condition that the vehicle and the I driver are the same as in previous year, or, if you have changed the vehicle, then the team should remain the same. Pre-registrated foreign competitor  can pay the participation fee in cash on site, before the competition.

If the team does not agree to place the Klaperjaht or partners' Ads on the vehicle, an additional 200.-€ would be added to the participation fee.

Documents of Estonian Championship in Offroad Racing

If your friend or a family member wishes to stay close to you and your tent throughout the competition, then this year it is completely allowed, you just have to purchase the fan tickets. You can purchase the entrance tickets for your fans for 10.-€ per ticket. Every team can purchase up to 10 fan tickets. The payment has to be done on site, before the competition starts.
You can only get to the competitors' parking place with a competing car accompanied by one more car with a trailer.

If a crew wants to enter the parking place with some special technical equipment, they should mention it in their mandate or call 5100657.

It is forbidden to drive around using a car for competition, these cars should be either at a closed parking place, on the track, or they can leave the competing area without any permission of coming back. The attendant cars will be provided with special stickers for windows, which will allow those cars to move inside and outside the competitors' parking place. All of the people who have no connection with a crew can enter the competition are from the main gate by showing their hand bands.

It is forbidden to ride ATVs and bikes inside of the competition area, these should be either parked at a closed parking place, be on the track, or to be parked at the competitors' parking place before the competition. According to the camping rules, sleeping time starts from 11 P.M. till 7 A.M. During that time it is forbidden to listen to loud music, scream, start a car, or ride any of the vehicles. If any competitor or a fan should brake the rules, the whole team will be, together with it's fanclub, sent out from the competitors' camp and their entrance to that zone will be stopped (their hand bands will be removed from their arms)

On the 9th of August 2019 within the competition Klaperjaht 2019, Tartu Off-road Club organizes the 4x4 Tourists' adventure.

09.08.2019 at 10.00 AM the adventure class „Tourism“ will start from Motohobi Oü parking lot (Tartumaa, Kambja vald, Räni alevik, Kassisilma tn. 6)  

Pre-registration could be done here.

Official information is published at www.klaperjaht.ee and www.tartuoffroad.ee.

  • The on-line registration can be done until 07.08.2019 by 23:59 (local time).
  • Participation fee until 08.08.2018 by 23:59 120.- € /team. Pre-registrated foreign competitor can pay the participation fee in cash on site, before the adventure starts.

Team members can purchase shirt with the logo of the competition from the Tourist's on-site registration.

Klaperjaht 2019 Tourists' rules

Friday 09.08
15.00 – 19.00 Qualification races for classes TR1, ET1 and ET2

Saturday 10.08

08.30 – TR1 start
11.00 – ET1 start
15.00 – ET2 start
18.00 – 20.00 Time-races races for classes ATV, UTV and Trucks

Sunday 11.08

09.00 – ATV and UTV start
10.30 – Enduro start
13.30 – Truck start
17.00– Award ceremony

The organizer reserves the right to change the schedule.

  • 4X4Cruiser
  • Bahco
  • Matkasport
  • Europart
  • Motul
  • KS Tools
  • Autoga vanni
  • Nõo vald
  • Alexela 
  • Tööriistapood24
  • Motoral
  • CF Moto
  • Motohobi 
  • Offroad
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